Our main service for over 90 years

The mooring and unmooring of sea-going vessels

The mooring and unmooring of sea-going vessels has been our main service for over 90 years. Not merely a matter of throwing a mooring line around a bollard, this operation often involves careful planning which, without the proper knowledge and expertise, could be extremely dangerous. A ship which isn't moored properly may become a threat to its immediate surroundings and even to the port.

Mooring launches

Sea-going vessels are not only moored and unmoored along readily-accessible quays which can be reached by (winch)car or by our specially-designed fast and highly maneuverable mooring launches, but also to buoys and (oil) jetties.


Our work may also become even more complicated due to external circumstances. These include adverse weather conditions as well as propeller wakes which make it more difficult to manoeuvre our mooring launches between various kinds of large and small vessels such as container or car carriers, tankers, bulk carriers, coasters, etc. Hence that a good communication between the client’s ship and the launch crew is essential.

Fully-approved equipment

De Koperen Ploeg uses modern and fully-approved equipment which meets all safety and government requirements.

Professional training program

All our members have completed an extensive professional training program and have received a nationally-recognized boatman diploma as well as a "commercial vessel master's certificate." All members are registered in the national DBA (Dutch Boatmen's Association) boatmen register.