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Specialists in (un)mooring Seagoing Vessels

Founded in 1926

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Core Features

Around the globe, whenever a ship arrives in port, it will always need a connection with the shore. To satisfy ships needs 'De Koperen Ploeg' consolidates and transports all kinds of provisions, cabin stores, deck stores, engine stores and bonded stores. 24/7 year round.

Boat rental with skipper

We always rent our boats with a skipper. Our skippers are qualified and have years of experience.

Marine consultancy

Over the years, our expertise has made ‘De Koperen Ploeg’ an efficient 24/7 nautical technical service provider.

Supplementary crew supply

We supply qualified and trained crew on board ships, pontoons and other unmanned towed objects.

Installation of fenders or oil booms

When combating oil or other pollution, we rent out manpower to help with the expansion of oil screens.

Fully temperature-controlled storage

We have a sufficiently conditioned onshore storage area, even dangerous goods can be stored.

Assistance in emergencies

We offer the local government the assurance of the safest possible shipping within the Amsterdam port area.

Clearing your customs  documents

De Koperen Ploeg W.A. takes care of clearance of the T1 and Ex a. If required we kindly ask you to indicate your request on the Ship Stores Order Form.

Safe, efficient and comfortable transport


Boatmen’s association ‘De Koperen Ploeg’ W.A. is a commercial organization; its key responsibility is the mooring, unmooring and shifting of seagoing ships in the Amsterdam port area.

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More than 90 years of nautical service

The history of 'De Koperen Ploeg'

Everywhere in the world, ships that arrive in port will need to be made fast to the shore. It is not practicable that the ship's crew should have to carry out these mooring or unmooring operations at quays or buoys.

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Multiple boarding places in the Amsterdam port







Boarding Places