Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions first. Do you still have a question? Call or Mail us.
1. Has the vessel already arrived in the Port of Amsterdam?

Go to the link Port of Amsterdam and click the arrivals and departures button. You can search by shipname. When the vessel has not arrived and you want to know when that will happen please call the vessels agent. They have the up to date information.

2. How can i order the barge service?

Go to the orderform on the hompage or at the Barge Service button under Services. You can find all information what you have to do to order a barge for shipsupply.

3. How can i order a launch to go to a vessel?

Call our operationscenter to order a launch who will bring you to your vessel. After you placed the order at our operationsmanager on duty always sent confirmation by filling in the orderform or by sending e-mail.

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Terms and Conditions of the NBC 2023

All our activities, offers and agreements are subject to the Netherlands Boatmen’s Terms and Conditions 2023, filed at the Chamber of Commerce.

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Planning and emergencies
24/7 availability

Planning & emergencies

Phone: +31(0)204487090
Mobile: +31(0)627098600

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'Boatmen' Headquarters and visiting address

Boot- en Stuurlieden C.V. De Koperen Ploeg
Capriweg 30, 1044 AL Amsterdam The Netherlands

Harbour number: 4195