Port Number: 1803


Hemweg, 1013 BG Amsterdam

The Mercuriushaven is a port in the Amsterdam port area. The harbor is located on the west side of the IJ and on the southwest side of the North Sea Canal, between the Houthavens and Coenhaven, at the Nieuwe Hemweg.

Port Number: 000


Basisweg 70, 1044AN Amsterdam

The Westhaven is a port in the Westelijk Havengebied in Amsterdam.

Port Number: 4195

Headoffice Westhaven

Capriweg 30, 1044 AL Amsterdam

Boatmen Association De Koperen Ploeg W.A. is a commercial organization and is responsible for the mooring and unmooring and shifting of sea-going vessels in the Amsterdam port area.

Port Number: 4890



The Australiëhavenweg is a road in the Amsterdam business area Westpoort. The road connects the Hornweg at the Australhaven, a port of the Amerikahaven, with the Noordzeeweg.

Port Number: 7950


Westpoortweg, 1047 HB Amsterdam

The Zanzibar port is a port in the Amsterdam Westelijk Havengebied to the east of the Westpoortweg and to the west of the Afrikahaven.

Port Number: PTA

Passenger Terminal Amsterdam

Pietheinkade 27, 1019 BR Amsterdam

PTA is your entry to the world class tourist destination and capital of the Netherlands: Amsterdam.

Havennummer: AOK

Amerikahaven Open Kade

Oceanenweg, 1047 BA Amsterdam

The Amerikahaven is a port in the Amsterdam port area. The harbor was dug in the 1960s and is located on the south side of the North Sea Canal, in the former Groote IJpolder, east of the former Zijkanaal F.