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De Koperen Ploeg

Mooring and unmooring seagoing vessels in the port of Amsterdam is our main service. However, we also serve our customers needs as much as possible in other areas. That is why over the years “De Koperen Ploeg” has evolved into an efficient 24/7 technical-nautical centre which also provides various additional services.

Since 1926 “De Koperen Ploeg” has been a recognized provider of high-quality and flexible technical-nautical services in the port of Amsterdam and its environs. Thanks to specific know-how, a modern fleet and in accordance with the Dutch boatmen association’s training standards, we are always ready to provide our professional services.

  • 24/7 availability
  • Safe mooring and unmooring
  • Transport and storrage of shipstores
  • Customs services
  • Launch service
  • Supplementary crew supply
  • Anchor handling assistance
  • Connection of fenders and oil booms
  • Removal of ships waste (annex 5)
  • Emergency response
  • Other additional services

We inform you that as of 31 December 2012 our new general terms & conditions - Netherlands Boatmen’s Terms and Conditions 2012, “NBC 2012” apply to all our services.

The NBC 2012 replace the Nederlandse Bootlieden Condities 2002 (the 2002 Rules & Regulations of the Dutch Boatmen’s association).